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tv   Action News  ABC  July 9, 2015 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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says she was fired for being in a same-sex marriage. supporters of the teacher are up in arms and speaking out. wednesday night jim is off and i'm rick williams. after a well-respected educator dismissed from waldron mercy academy. a well-respected school on the main line. the teacher is gay and married, and she says that administrators already knew about her life. and efforts trying to get the teacher reinstated. annie? >> more than 100 people gathered here at jack's firehouse in fairmount including some students, parents, and also alumni. they are all trying to figure out a way to get margie winters' job back of the big question like you said is why did the school decide to make this decision now? she has been openly gay, a long-time member of the faculty and has been married to her wife since 2007. margie winters walked inside to the closed-door meeting with her
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wife surrounded by supporters. according to organizer nancy houston winters led the group in prayer. >> margie said she received a standing ovation of support. it was very emotional. several people shared stories, the stories of margie how much we love our community. >> the meeting in response to waldron mercy academy's decision not to renew the contract. and they released a letter alluded to winters's marriage to a woman as a conflict saying in part that our school recognizes the authority of the arch bishop of philadelphia especially in the teaching of religion. to continue in the catholic school waldron mercy must comply with those teachings. but today the archdiocese of philadelphia side waldron mercy is a private catholic school and personnel decisions are made without the oversight of the ash much diocese. houston said the school has
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always been welcoming to all people and lifestyles. >> to me it is discrimination. it's just discrimination for anything of color, race sexual preference. there's no difference. it's not something i teach in my home, that we teach in our family. >> today the state senator the main sponsor of the marriage equality bill said that the school in its district received state money and that can force them to change their decision. >> you cannot take state money and discriminate if you are a religious institution. >> and this is it a story that's getting a lot of opinions from people. we would like to you join the conversation on our 6abc facebook page. we did reach out to margie ahead of the meeting but had no comment. reporting live annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. an audio-visual technician
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in montgomery is behind bars. michael morse is accused of having sex with a senior it the whitemarsh high school. they say the relationship started before the student turned 18. new developments in the bill cosby scandal. we learned he was dumped by talent agency that started representing him in 2012 and quietly let him go last year. around the same period of time where women came forward accused of comedian of drugging and sexually assaulting him. a deposition from 2005 was unsealed this week and in it cosby admitted that he got quaaludes with the attempt of giving it to women he wanted to have sex with. and the woman involved in the case is a former temple employee and asking a judge to release rest of the deposition in the hopes that it will help other women. the philadelphia police investigating a deadly shooting in north philadelphia tonight. around 8:45 someone opened fire
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near bailey and cambria streets. a 24-year-old man was hit in the chest and back side. he managed to run away but collapsed and eventually died at temple hospital. they are checking area businesses to see if surveillance video exists. and after a shooting in frank furt a man hit in the some and the woman in the leg. the shooter used an ak-47. no arrests made and no motive for the shootings. a murdered mother remembered this evening in philadelphia's logan neighborhood. deanna mary riddle killed over the weekend the family says a victim of domestic violence. and the family and friends gathered to show support for her and her two young daughters. >> i want her to be remembered for her beautiful personality, beautiful smile, kind heart. she was a beautiful person inside and out. hard-working and did everything
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for her daughters. >> the police are still looking for her killer. towards believe a 25-year-old woman in wednesday ing -- kensington also the victim of domestic violence. she was stabbed and rushed to the hospital in stable condition. the search for a suspect continues. a bank robbery suspect not getting too far thanks to a gun-toting official in montgomery county. the suspect walked into the td bank on york road in hatboro and handed the teller a note. and he was handed money and outside the dye task exploded and that caught the eye and he started to chase the suspect. >> there were a number of requests for the suspect to get on the ground. he did not comply with that. he was shot. >> the suspect was hit at least once in the arm. he has a license to carry the firearm and was questioned about
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the incident. no word on what caused two big computer glitches today affecting much of the nation physically and financially. a major airline and new york stock exchange were brought to a stand still, and both companies are cautiously optimistic about tomorrow. "action news"'s sharrie williams live at the big board with the latest tonight. >> the technical malfunctions show how dependent we are on computers. the network outages were so concerning that president obama was briefed on the matter. and although officials say it does not appear to be criminal the f.b.i. is now investigating. at the 9:30 opening bell traders already noticed computer problems. two hours later trading was suspended completely. no buying no selling. traders sold nothing on the terminal screen. >> obviously a little unnerving, reminding us of the vulnerability of the interlink system.
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we used to trade with pads and paper. >> and tweeting experiencing an internal technical issue and the white house quickly weighed in that it was not terrorism or cyber hack. >> there is no indication that malicious actors are involved in the technology issues. >> only at 3:10 in the afternoon did trading resume. >> i mean we're just taking it as it goes. >> the stock exchange wasn't alone. on the very same day in the travel world, also a glitch of epic proportions. from california to chicago a backlog of passengers stuck in long lines while all of the united airlines flights were grounded. the effects were also felt at philadelphia international. for hours, a system-wide failure shutdown operations for the major u.s. carrier. >> we were checking in and basically were told that the flight was canceled they start the re-routing us. >> more than 800 flights delayed another 59 cancels. agents forced to issue hand-written tickets.
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>> the problem when it happens in a giant airline like united you can get chaos of the kind we saw this morning. >> united apologized and allowed customers to rebook their travel without change fees. in the meantime, the stock exchange closed down 200 points. also today being affected the wall street journal home page went offline. so a major market a major airline and a major paper hit with technical problems in the staple span of time still has some asking was it only a glitch? >> thank you. other news autopsies will be performed on two bodies found in cape may. the man and women found in a homeless camp in the rio grande section. in their 50s, no sign of fall play. a former u.s. army major and his wife convicted of abusing their adapted children. prosecutors say john and carolyn jackson broke the children's bones, withheld water and force
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federal them hot sauce. the abuse took place between 2005 and 2010 when the family lived in an army insulation in new jersey. the couple no longer from custody of adopted or biological children and will be sentenced in october. in northeast philadelphia more than a dozen cats were rescued from an unsafe home earlier today. "action news" was there as they were examined by medical personnel. acts on a tip, workers with the spca executed a search warrant and 10 adult cats and kittens living in those filtly conditions. could result in charges filed. and nothing compared to the storms heading our way tomorrow. and cecily tynan joins us from the big board with the latest from accuweather tonight. >> jim -- or rick sorry about that. i am so used to working with jim. nice to have you here tonight by
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the way. double scan life showing the set-up we have. the heavy downpours earlier this evening are associated with a cold front that stalled over us. now what this will do is provide the train track for low pressure currently north of st. louis that is triggering some tornado watches to move our way. and a few things first of all it will pull up some very warm humid air. we had dewpoints around 70 the case again tomorrow. temperatures around 70, the heat index at 5:00 tomorrow afternoon, 93 degrees in philadelphia, 94 in atlantic city, 94 in reading 95 in lancaster. it will be a hot and humid day. and this could really provide fuel for the storms as they move in tomorrow evening. futuretracker has really delayed the timing somewhat. it looks like they will be moving in along the i-95 corridor, likely around 8:00. and this shows a pretty intense squall line moving ahead of the cold front as it continues to
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sweep to the east. so as far as severe weather, the severe storm prediction center has put in our viewing area the highest probability really in the western 2/3 of our viewing area. closest to the shore, temperatures will be slightly cooler. and that will diminish the intensity of the storm. but what are we talking about as far as severe weather? well occurring between about 5:00 in the western suburbs, 10:00 at the coast, and we're looking at mainly dangerous lightning heavy downpours. you hear the thunder, you get inside. any downpour could contain localized flooding strong winds, and then there is a possibility -- a low risk but a chance of hail and tornado. and talking about that in the full accuweather forecast. back to you, rick. >> we all look alike, thank you. 40 men and women graduated tonight from the gloucester county police academy. the recruits marched in formal fashion at rowan college. and special awards handed out
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for excellence in academics, marksmenship, physical fitness and professionalism. a private reception held this evening to welcome the first executive director of the ready by fourth initiative. the library in philadelphia is it trying to grow the problem, effort increasing the number of students entering the fourth grade and reading at their grade level the next five years. and folks showing off dance moves in the german town section. it is he would every wednesday through august 26. and still to come on "action news," why doctors are saying you may want to reconsider taking a note to work during your pregnancy. you could jeopardize your career. and a shake up in baltimore in the wake of freddy gray's death. find out who is out of a job tonight. and used to play a private investigator on tv but the
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tables turned on tom sellick. and those stories and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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>> baltimore police commissioner anthony batts is out of a job. ment mayor announced his firing this afternoon. she didn't give a reason but it comes amid a spike in the city's homicide rate. the city was rocked by civil unrest in april after freddie gray died and six police officers are facing charges. the debate tonight over the confederate flag in south carolina. a group of republicans in the state house who favor keeping the flag flying are battling a larger by part -- bipartisan wanting it down.
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and it is a marathon session. the movement springs from a killing of nine people at a historic black church in charleston. investigators have not determined why a fighter jet and small cessna collided killing a man and his son. the pilot of was able to eject safely and will be questioned. and they found the body of michael johnson in the cooper river and the search continues for his son in the same area. actor tom sellick accused of stealing truck loadsds of water during a drought in california. and now being sued by a southern california water district spending nearly $$22,000 to document the theft. and saying it was taken from a hydrant and delivered to his home in thousand oaks. celebrity chef backing out of plans to open a restaurant in
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donald trump's hotel. and he recently became an american citizen and changed his minds after he called mexican residents as rapists last month. and a statement threatening legal action. and pope francis in bolivia, the second leg of his tour. moments ago he landed after he spend the evening la paz and he says that the catholic church has a role to play in society. and get the details on the pope's visit to philadelphia. follow 6abcpope on twitter for information on the world meeting of families. "healthcheck," if you are pregnant and thinking of getting
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a doctor's note to give to your employer you may think again. a group of doctors saying it may jeopardize a women's employment or salary. saying only write notes for modification if medically necessary. when it comes to leave, it is only with the women's duties risk the health of baby or money since leave is often limited in duration and pay. and this evening going along with the dining under the stars event. more skin cancered diagnosed in the u.s. each year than all other cancers combined. the good news using a sunscreen and avoiding over sun exposure can greatly reduce your risks. now a closer look at the changing forecast for us tomorrow. >> a lot of people are complaining about the oppressive humidity. there is a front and low pressure that will sweep this out, but it will come with some storms tomorrow night. and they do have the potential to be severe.
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stormtracker live double scan showing tonight the heavy downpours we had earlier this evening have moved off. but what's left though is this oppressive humidity. when you have dewpoints above 70 degrees, that's when the air mass really feels tropical. you feel the moisture in the air. the dewpoint is 72 in philadelphia 74 in millville and sea isle city, 75 in dover. dewpoints do not get much higher than that in this area. so the heat index, the way it feels at 11:00 at night, feels like 84 in philadelphia feels like 83 in sea isle city and the boardwalk. feeling like 82 in wilmington. not quite as warm but oppressive, feeling like 75 in reading. we have a lot of cloud cover streaming in. tonight will be partly to mostly cloudy. a few scattered showers to the west. we have one wave of low pressure developing tomorrow morning. it could bring us some showers in the morning, but really the main weather-maker is low
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pressure north of st. louis. this is creating severe weather. tornado watches south and east of st. louis. that will keep us in the warm sector of the storm and could lead the way to severe weather. futuretracker showing tomorrow morning lots of clouds and some showers in the morning with the first week wave of low pressure around 7:30. and then around middle of the day this is when we see the breaks of sunshine. you do not want to see sunshine when you have a strong cold front with low pressure moving in, because this could really add fuel to the fire to the storms as they roll in. and futuretracker showing 7:30 tomorrow evening a pretty intense squall line moving across the northwest suburbs and moving quickly to the east reaching the coast around 10:00 tomorrow night. this squall line could mean business. what this means, in at this of these storms could have dangerous lightning. i always stress when thunder rolls head indoors.
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when you hear thunder you should not be outside. there is no safe place outside during a thunderstorm, get inside. could have damaging wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour with all of the humidity flooding downpours are a good certainty. and perimeters are showing some shifting of the winds. north and west of philadelphia. if we get that sheer, that rotation it could spit out an isolated tornado. the risk is low, but it does exist. so that's something that we will really be tracking as we head through the late-afternoon and evening hours tomorrow. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast hot and humid during the day 90 degrees. strong, possibly severe weather in the evening hours. behind the system a breath of fresh air friday. the sunshine is back. it's cooler noticeably less humid. 86 degrees. the high pressure really in control of our weather for the weekend. so saturday will be sunny and warm. humidity still in check, 89 degrees. on sunday it gets hot again, 90
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and more humid. monday, hot and humid 90 possibility of a few thunderstorms. tuesday looking to be a pretty active day with showers and thunderstorms. and wednesday we stay in that soupy situation. more muggy conditions with a high of 86 degrees. so definitely dress for the heat and humidity tomorrow. and late in the day and tomorrow evening is when i do expect the severe storms rolling through. >> thank you. taco bell making it easier to get a snack without leaving your home. testing delivery in san francisco and dallas, and teaming up with door dash. and the customers use an app on the smart phone to order and take a $4 delivery charge along with the cost of the meal.
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>> phillies hoping for another win out west. ducis here with sports. >> rick they are running through a buzz saw right now in l.a. morgan with the start against
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the dodgers, the third with a rear start. welcome to the big leagues. a game at dodgers matched up against kershaw winning two cy young awards. and kershaw six k's so far. and morgan meet the former phillie great jimmy rollins. a 3-run homer and he was smiling on the inside. the phillies tail 5-0. and chase utley on the disabled list and when he is activated is anybody's guest. when he is in the starting line-up murkier. last night amaro said that he does not believe utley should be the starting second baseman when recovered from the injury. he would prefer to stick with hernandez. the numbers are not in utley's favor. about the same number of games, utley .179 and hernandez batting .301. utley driven in more runs,
2:05 am
hernandez with an i higher on-base percentage scoring more runs. and the flyers call it the trial on the isle and it could be waiting in the water. and the flyers sent rookies and prospects and following the exercise the flyers led by the top pick head a skills clinic for some kids. he says he enjoys giving back. >> yeah it's fun to show the little kids how to shoot, pass the puck and how to take slap shots. >> it is always fun to give back and, you know, this is where we started as a young kid looking up to some of the older guys. and it is nice to get out here and play with the kids. still to come an nba free agent having a chance of hard and he has two teams twisting in the wind. and roger federer feeling right at h
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>> the sixers got a break from summer league action tonight. tomorrow night they face ute. deandre jordan agreed to leave the chippers for the mavs not so fast. reportedly change his minds. free agents not allowed sign until midnight. and his chippers teammates and head coach doc rivers flew to his home in houston and won't leave until he resigns with l.a.
2:09 am
the golf major next week. mcilroy not participating because of an injury while playing pick-up soccer. federer on to the semifinals. he will next take on andy murray and djokovic also advancing. all right thanks. "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel 6 followed by "nightline." jimmy's guests are zoe saldana and music from tyler the creator. and for jim gardner, cecily tynan and the entire "action news" team i'm rick williams. have a great evening and we'll see you here tomorrow night.
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